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Happy Client, Happy Us

We do our very best to provide the outstanding services our clientele deserve, and we love receiving feedback from them regarding the work we’ve done. Check out some of the testimonials and reviews we’ve gotten from past and returning clients. We encourage you to write your own review after experiencing our service for yourself.


"I have a Howard Miller Grandfather clock which is over 40 years old that belonged to my mother which stopped working. I heard about Luis, and he came over to take a look at it. Well, Luis, I have to thank you for fine tuning this beautiful clock and getting it back to its original working condition."

Manny Fonseca

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"I've had a grandfather clock in my family for four generations, and it had, unfortunately, stopped working before I was able to display it. Fortunately, i stumbled upon Luis who assured me he had the experience as he had been working on clocks for 30+ years. When I got it back, I was ecstatic because not only did it work again but it also looked more beautiful that the old pictures could show.”

Guillermo Reyes


"I have a Howard Miller grandfather clock which is over 30 years old and was not working. It would take me forever to get it going once it stopped and was not keeping time. I heard about Luis, and he came over and took the clock all apart. He said since it was never oiled and I never had any maintenance done to it, that it was needed to be done to get it working the right way again. Well, my beautiful clock now keeps excellent time, the chimes ring so nice. I had forgotten how nice they use to chime. Luis thank you sooo much for restoring my grandfather clock, and it was a pleasure meeting you."

Sally F.


"I can not thank Luis and Barbara enough for completing the repairs to my 20 year old German made cuckoo clock. Both Luis and Barbara arrived on time at my home in Palm Coast and inspected the clock for possible causes for the loss of sound and moving parts. Luis was able to determine the cause was due to a malfunction inside the music box and also a broken drive belt. Luis carefully packaged the clock and returned it to his work shop. Knowing I will travel abroad for a long business trip to Asia, he quickly order the parts for overnight delivery, completed the repairs the same day and returned the clock to my home the following day - Saturday morning. Luis also cleaned and lubricated all moving parts as part of his service plan. I wish to thank Luis and Barbara for their excellent service and would recommend them to others in need of specialty clock repairs."

Donald DeSalvo


"Luis I stopped here to say thanks for a job well done. After looking a few places, you were able to fix my clock. Works fine now. I recommend your service to more time...thanks."

Carlos Costa


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Testimonials: Tell Us What You Think
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